To celebrate the purest expression of Inner Beauty, Through His Eyes shines a spotlight on international male talents whose actions embody values of integrity, respect, optimism and kindness. Through their eyes, we discover the causes, initiatives, and beliefs that drive them, making them ambassadors of authentic Inner Beauty. A series of inspiring stories told by magnetic personalities keen to make the world a better place through their personal interpretation of beauty.

Marco Spinelli, Doctor​​

'Every day I receive an incredible strength from the children and their families.'​​​

Tom Dixon, Designer​

'I am still living with my great-grandmother's writing desk. My aspiration is getting to a point where things have got 8 generations of use; only then they will be properly sustainable.'​

Bao Chun Lai, Badminton World Champion​

'Faith and perseverance are both qualities that can help children creating a better life. Once they achieve something, they can continue to give it back to society and benefit more people, contributing to make the world a better place.'​

Stefano Boeri, Architect & Urban Planner​​

'I believe that cities should be conceived as organisms, as living organisms, where trees, plants, humans, and birds coexist. And this must be a new way of thinking about urban ecology, about cities as ecosystems.'​​​

Stefano Canali, President & CEO​

'Inner Beauty is a happy synthesis of the Canali way of doing business. An element that is synthesised in rispect for rules, in respect for commitments, in respect for people's dignity.'​

Giampaolo Grossi, Director & General manager Starbucks Italy​

'In my experiences, I have achieved the most beautiful results by standing beside others, helping them at any time of the day or night, taking every last step together, because I think that's where the difference lies.'​

Thomas Ermacora, City Futurist​

'As we are tempting to develop a regenerated civilization that cares for our planet, we need to have a form of relationship with a greater story, that is the story we built of ourselves in relationship to time and space.'​

Flavio Paolo Graziano, Music Performer​

'I chose music because it doesn't require any translation. Music can reach the inner self of a person without going through cultural barriers.'​

Kevin Claiborne, Visual Artist​

'Inner Beauty connects with my art because everything i create has an idea that is existing beyond the surface. Once you pass the first level of the aesthetics you can get deeper to the ideas that are being promoted through my work.'​

Oddur Thorrison, Photographer​

'For me the keyword is Betterment. Everything starts in childhood. I have 8 children, that's a lot. I think the best way to influence the future in a positive way is to be as good of a parent you can.'​

You Yong, Artist​

'Art is the mirror that makes me see my inner self, the state of my mind and my spiritual world. Art is the home of our spirit, the place that upholds it.'​