Inner Beauty: Canali Spring Summer 2023 campaign

Every day is the dawn of a new beginning, a chance to improve yourself and let your #InnerBeauty shine. The Canali man chooses to express inner and outer beauty through his characteristic thoughtfulness, delicacy and grace. In every gesture and glance he embodies a new modest, calm masculinity, which, without excess but fortified by solid values, makes the world a better place.

In the Spring-Summer 2023 campaign, the modern gentleman continues to spread beauty and seek harmony for himself and the world. Expressing a quiet, selfless and empathetic strength, he epitomizes #InnerBeauty in its most intimate and precious form, that of family ties, friendships, romantic relationships and caring for the environment. In this collection, clothing becomes a language, a bold, yet always respectful style statement, and a constant reminder of free self-expression and inner beauty.