Su Misura is the service designed with the aim of creating exclusive garments, which perfectly reflect the unmistakable personality of those who wear them. Through a succession of caring and #GentleGestures, our Made to Measure specialists guide you in the realization of unique pieces.


A memorable occasion

The big day has come, and three guys await a memorable occasion. The muffled music outside provides a soundtrack to the moments before the event and the guys contemplate a bright future. Suddenly the doorbell rings: the suit has arrived...now everything is in place to usher in this new life chapter. Whether it's the love of your life, a special event or the suit to celebrate it, it's great to feel that you've found “the right one”

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For the Fall Winter 2022 season, Canali takes its cue from the art deco style of the 1930s, the dawn of a new era of rebirth and recovery, expressing a newfound desire to dress with taste, elegance and refinement. A perfect combination of sometimes soft and sinuous lines, others slender and stylized, this collection reinterprets an old-time elegance with a contemporary style. Canali experiments in a game of vertical constructions, combinations of different materials, contrasts and dynamisms that harmoniously enhance the silhouette of the modern gentleman.​

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