NAIZ FIT - Privacy Policy

Thank you for trusting us. Naiz Bespoke Technologies, S.L. (hereinafter Naiz Fit) is aware of the importance to you of our use of your personal information. We appreciate the trust you place in us to treat it with due rigor and caution.


Naiz Fit is a third-party application that integrates into the online stores with which we collaborate (hereinafter, the store). The store is the controller of your personal data. Naiz Fit will act on behalf of the store as a data processor in connection with this service, which consists of a solution that provides size recommendations for online shoppers (hereinafter, size recommender). For more information, please refer to the store’s privacy policy.
We are committed to protecting your online privacy and want to assure you that we will use your data in a transparent and secure manner. In accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, in particular Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR), Naiz Fit, undertakes to comply with the current legislation on protection of personal data and to take the appropriate legal, technical and organizational measures to avoid damage or loss of the personal data of our customers.


Naiz Bespoke Technologies, S.L., is a company established at Paseo Mikeletegi, number 83, 20009, Donostia – San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spain; C.I.F.: B-75171066 and e-mail address info@naiz.fit. Naiz Fit is registered with the Mercantile Registry of Guipúzcoa on folio 176, volume 2782.
This document details the Privacy Policy that is in effect at all times, and you are at your disposal to review such text periodically to verify that you are happy with it. From the moment you make use of our service you accept and consent to the conditions described in this Privacy Policy. Please do not agree with our Privacy Policy if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, do not include your information in the forms.
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain to you how your personal data is collected and how we treat it. In addition, this policy is also intended to explain what rights assist you.


What data do we collect?

You can use our size recommender in one of the stores we collaborate with. You can use our size recommender at one of the partner stores without registering for our service. You can use our size recommender at one of the partner stores in order to get
the size recommendation for clothing items. In order to receive a size recommendation for a specific clothing item, you can submit the following information through the app:

  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Year of Birth
  • Fit Preference

Our application calculates a specific size recommendation using statistical methods. The basic data transmitted is subjected to a dissociation procedure and stored in a database through a randomly generated session identifier.
Our app uses a local storage facility of your browser (localStorage) that points to such randomly generated session ID to improve the user experience on our service. This is to identify recurring users, so you don’t have to re-enter the basic data mentioned above when you reuse our app in the partner store you’re visiting.

What do we use your data for?

The personal data we collect is only collected for the purpose of recommending size, as well as for improving the quality of our service.
All information we collect is processed in an anonymized manner and we will never collect or store identifiable information about you, such as your first name, last name, address, email or banking information. They are not necessary data to recommend size.


To whom do we communicate your data?

Naiz Fit will not transfer your personal data to any third party without a legal basis that legitimizes such processing. This means that we will not share your personal data with third parties except: Canali SpA
Where we have a legal obligation to do so, we may communicate your data to the authorities and entities that require it.
The correct provision of the requested services. Naiz Fit’s processors, i.e. service providers who have to access your personal data in order to develop the functions for which they were contracted, may have access to your personal data. In addition, we want to inform you that these service providers sign contracts of processors that cover all appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of your data in accordance with the current regulations protecting Data. Our data controller is Amazon Web Services (Amazon.com, Inc.), which is an American company within the privacy shield adequacy decision, so the processing of all the data it manages is appropriate and in accordance with the GDPR guidelines. You can access their privacy policies on https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/

We will never make international transfers of your personal data beyond the cases you have just indicated.

What are your rights as a personal data subject?

As a user you have the right to know what personal data we process. What are your rights?
Right of access: You have the right to request information about what personal data of yours we are processing, if any. The information we may give you in this regard is what data they are, for what purpose we use it or if we have communicated it to third parties or managers, among other aspects.
Right of rectification: It is necessary that the information you provide us is correct and accurate. In case you believe that we have to rectify any data you can exercise this right and we will modify without delay those collected data that are inaccurate or contain some error.

Right to delete and limit processing: In case you do not want us to continue using your data, or that we only use it for limited purposes you can exercise this right by indicating if you want us to proceed in this way either because you do not want to we continue to process the data for the purpose for which we collect it or because the reason for its processing has disappeared.


Right not to be the subject of individualized decisions: We will not process your information in any case to make individualized decisions or create personalized profiles.

Right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency: If you consider that your rights have been violated, you can file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in the manner indicated on the website aepd.es“
For the exercise of the aforementioned rights or any other type of query regarding the use of your personal data, please contact us at:


Naiz Bespoke Technologies, S.L.

Paseo Mikeletegi, number 83 – 20009, Donostia – San Sebastian, Guipúzcoa, Spain Phone: 0034 910 082 320
E-mail: info@naiz.fit